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Finding Fun Places to Run

March 11, 2012 | Steven McElwee

One of my favorite ways to keep running interesting and enjoyable is to find new places to run – especially for my long runs. If I am pressed for time, I have a 6.2 mile route that starts at my house, has relatively low traffic, and is well lit by street lights. If I have a busy day, I will run very early in the morning to make sure I get to run. But if I have a little extra time to drive to a place to run, I like to find fun places.

One of my favorite runs is the Gring’s Mill Recreation Area. This Berks County, Pennsylvania park has a well-maintained, pressed gravel trail that is about six feet wide. It is much easier on the legs than running on streets.

This run is fun to me for a couple of reasons. No streets to cross. You can run six miles without crossing any intersections. You can run out of the park and log 10 miles by crossing just one street. You run along a river. You run under a red, wooden, covered bridge. You run past a war memorial. You run past historic buildings.

If you have time to drive to and from your run. Look for fun places like this to run. It will add a lot of variety and enjoyment to your running.

Do you have an interesting place to run? Please share it in the comments below.

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