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Running in Ocean City, NJ

July 26, 2012 | Steven McElwee

Vacation at the New Jersey shore has been one of my family traditions for the past 14 years. Last year during my beach vacation, I had only been running for less than two months. As a very new runner, I ran on the Ocean City board walk from 3rd Street to 14th Street and back again. The run was very challenging, since I had not yet learned how to pace myself. I would run for a while and then walk to catch my breath. I was passed by runners of all ages.

This year, my run at the Jersey Shore was very different. I have been running consistently now for just over one year. While at the shore, I ran a 5K race in Avalon called “Run from the Sun”. The race was to benefit skin cancer research. I ran a PR (it was only my second 5K race, so it wasn’t difficult to get a PR). What was more exciting was that one of my sons ran with me. It was his first 5K, and he ran well.

This year, my runs were not limited to the two miles I ran/walked last year. I ran the Ocean City boardwalk from end-to-end. It was a five-mile run, and I ran at a consistent pace. It felt great to run early in the morning. The air was still cool. The ocean was always in sight. The running path was not crowded with other runners, walkers or bicycles.

The most difficult thing about running on the boardwalk was taking a day off to recover. I ran four days in a row, but by Thursday my body was telling me that I should take a break so that I could fit in a long run on Friday.

What are your experiences running at the New Jersey shore?

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